Visina Braccio

I was born in Milan but brought up in Bergamo, where I still happily live.

Bergamo that for Le Corbusier is: "An almost ignored and adorable city, Bergamo! The high part of the city absolutely sublime!", and for someone else: "People from Bergamo seem to stand still in the mist, in a no manís land between limbo, the Swiss clinic and the bank. I absolutely agree with Corman who regards Bergamo as the city of Frankenstein". Both definitions, in my opinion, stand perfectly valid, because they do not annul each other but are complementary.

Adoptive Bergamasks, after a while do love Bergamo a lot. A while means, in my case, at least twenty years, after the elapse of such a period the fake Bergamask feels fully integrated, thus becoming a true Bergamask. I did not have any traditional artistic training: I am however indebted to my mother for loving arts and for a certain feeling for beauty. I like literature very much, in particular the English literature, Angela Carter is one of my favourite writer. My assemblages are plain boxes with a glass, painted and full of objects of heterogeneous kind, sometimes one may think of discarded things but also of fragments of precious things: all this without any hierarchical, but certainly with surrealistic pretences.