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My "works of assemblage" are intended to pay homage to Joseph Cornell and to the Ready-Made technique. An interest in different aspects of the world leads to the pleasure of searching for heterogeneous links. A certain passionate thought-creativity results in living the "time" of Joseph Cornell as a new dimension of the reality. This is what I myself try to re-create through my works: a deeply and absolutely known world which is a part of my being and whose choice in the Ready-Made spirit -as their inventor Duchamp put it- is always based on the visual interference and at the same time on the total absence of good or bad taste. Thus, Cornell absorbs a vast and necessary part of the reality so totally that the memory of an antecedent time is no more possible without his world. I myself consider this experience necessary and, since there exists no dogma, I also feel that the fruition of a work of art should be shared between the author and the observer, same as for a book, between the writer and the reader. Time may be a worn-out term, but for all of us it is a milestone like the three dimensions which our concrete reality comes from. At the very instant when we feel that a life without any of the three dimensions is impossible, we realise that the concept of time as a possible fourth dimension is inseparable. My curiosity depends on my never "coming to terms" with life and on my purposely running with the hare and hunting with the hounds for everything pertaining the boundary between beautiful and ugly, moderation and excess. Being endowed with a center as "identity" will allow you to branch out in endless itineraries. For this reason, the ways of my "boxes" (my assemblages) follow the path of the mythical significance of the maze. From the late modernism onward -an epoch of fragmentation of knowledge- such a way could be regarded as incongruous. My wish is that the assemblages could have their center within each of us, for the aim of the "traveller" is to reach the center, and his journey ends only after he has gone all his way home, having fully acquired the sense of mystery.